Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase Family Care Everywhere care?

Click here While you will have immediate access to our physicians, please allow up to 2 weeks for your full member packet to arrive.

What is Family Care Everywhere?

Family Care Everywhere is a healthcare service that uses telemedicine enabled technology to deliver medical care services to patients. In addition to telemedicine our program incorporates a prescription program that provides free generic medications for many of the illnesses treated by telemedicine.

Does Family Care Everywhere qualify as health coverage?

No. Family Care Everywhere is not insurance and does not qualify as health coverage.

Can I use Family Care Everywhere in place of my family physician?

Our service is only appropriate for events that are not an emergency and are infrequent in nature (see common list below). Family Care Everywhere should NOT replace a primary care physician.

Is there a charge to use Family Care Everywhere?

There is a fixed monthly membership fee for the service and there is low cost to use the service.

Is there a limit on the number of times I can call a doctor?

Your service has no limits on call frequency.

Am I limited on time with the doctor?

No. You may consult with the doctor as long as is necessary for a proper diagnosis.

Can I add my dependents?

A Family Care Everywhere membership automatically includes up to a total of nine household members.

Do I have to provide information about my dependents when signing up?

In order to have the Family Care Everywhere pharmacy benefit for your dependents, you will need to provide each dependent’s name, date of birth, gender and relationship.

I have telemedicine through my insurance, can I still use Family Care Everywhere?

Yes. Check the terms of your insurance provided service and you may find that there is a charge to use it. Since ours has a low copay the benefit may be greater.

How long does it take to get a doctor?

Our national average wait time this year for a call back is under nine minutes. Wait time may vary, however, based on the time of day, day of the week and state that you are in.

Who is the typical customer?

Whether they have health insurance or not, many of our customers cannot afford the basic services of physicians or the medications they prescribe. This population will typically forgo treatment for basic health issues as a result of this economic reality. These people rarely fear major medical events as they have few assets to protect but are constantly afraid of missing a day of work, rent or a car payment due to a minor illness. This is amplified further in our customers who have children.

What type of medical services can I get?

Family Care Everywhere provides physician consultations, 24/7, for common ailments. These ailments are referred to as non-emergent and episodic in nature. With a properly designed system and applications our network is designed to consult and provide diagnosis for these common ailments which amount to 82% of all illnesses. Here are the most common patient consults through our network:

aches – allergy – asthma – bronchial – cold – earache -plugged ears – flu – respiratory illnesses – cough – sinus infections – sore throat – croup – diarrhea – itching/red/sore eyes – fever – headache – infection – intestinal cramping – pain – stomach – nausea – vomiting – strep throat – tonsillitis – urinary tract infection – viral infection – bee sting – insect bite or animal bite – muscle spasm – pneumonia – rash – ulcer, redness – itching – yeast infection – joint – swelling – cold sores – STD’s – weakness – lethargy – anxiety – eczema – hemorrhoids – medication questions – stress – light injury – sprain – poison ivy/oak/sumac – hay fever

What type of Doctors available?

Family Care Everywhere telemedicine is powered by the nation’s largest telemedicine physician network, MDLive. Utilizing thousands of physicians, customers can access a doctor quickly, 24/7 in all fifty states. The service provides connection by phone or by video and is enhanced by free mobile applications available in the Google Play and iTunes. We understand that not all our customers have access to Wi-Fi or smart phones, so our network allows the same access by phone through a toll-free number. The physicians in our network are board certified in the state of the patient and each physician meets the stringent NCQA credentialing standards. All doctors are based in the USA. Our doctor’s do provide prescriptions and will send them to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice.

Do I have to provide medical information?

Once you have been enrolled in the service, you will be reminded to register your account with the physician network. During this registration, you will be asked to provide a basic medical history for you and any dependents.

What does the Family Care Everywhere prescription program provide?

Family Care Everywhere provides free generic medication for most telemedicine common ailments. Our free medication list includes medications from groups including antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, just to name a few. In addition to free medication our program provides discounted pricing on thousands of generic and name brand drugs. Our program is accepted in all major pharmacies.

Can I use the prescription program for any of my medications?

Yes. The prescription part of our program can be used for discounts on nearly every medication at over 65,000 locations.

Do I have to have a prescription from a telemedicine doctor to get the free medication?

No. If the medication is available through our free program, it does not matter where the prescription came from.