What is Family Care Everywhere, powered by BasiCare Plus?

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Family Care Everywhere provides individual healthcare services for the entire family using a nationwide prescription program and access to fully accredited telemedicine physicians.

Anytime and Anywhere.

The best part…
Low copays, $0 cost prescriptions (in most cases) for the entire family!

82% of primary care illness can be safely handled by our qualified physicians using telemedicine. BasiCare Plus covers your consult and over 90% of the generic medications prescribed by telemedicine—with a low copay!

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Low copay, zero time lost, up to nine family members included. Thousands of prescriptions available.

Add to existing coverage and enjoy greater healthcare options or simply enjoy concierge-like healthcare with expanded perscription benefits for your family. Previously only available through employers or associations, this service is now available to everyone.

Simply put, for very little per month, an entire family can enjoy a low-cost healthcare solution for a majority of their illnesses.

Coverage Benefits Include

Pay less to feel better with a low copay.

See a doctor in minutes, in your home vs. high-cost urgent care/ER visits.

Access at home, on the go, out of town, or in the middle of the night with our 24×7 service.

Get no-cost or low-cost prescription services with prescription pricing search tool.

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Comparison to Other Healthcare Options

Family Care Everywhere, powered by
BasiCare Plus
No Insurance Coverage Basic Insurance Coverage Employer Provided Insurance
No/low-cost prescriptions
NO NO Typically a
Low copay
NO NO Typically a
Prescription pricing tool
24×7 physician access
NO NO Maybe
Medical services pricing tool
Family care for $30/month
NO NO NO, much more expensive
Combine with other traditional coverages?
NO NO Maybe

Family Care Everywhere provides the access and care you need to treat your family’s acute health challenges easily and affordably.